Epic Battle Music


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33 Responses

  1. RebonIL says:

    Liked it so much

  2. Win Gor says:

    The best epic battle song,I love it

  3. Dinsokod says:

    Good !

  4. anantha Krishnan says:

    Is it okay to use this for making youtube videos?

  5. Naga says:

    Can I use it for my YouTube video

  6. akshansh kanojia says:

    Cool thanks for making it

  7. A5 says:

    Can I use this music for a game? It will not be selled, but i will ask for donations.


  8. akshansh kanojia says:

    Very cool just starting is so loud but awesome work

  9. Jason says:

    Great song.
    Can I use it on my website?

  10. ridz ritz says:

    can i use for my fim making?

  11. Syrup says:

    Can I use this BGM in a free to play Flash Game I’m developing?

  12. Astor says:

    love the music! can i use it for an NGO event promotional video?

  13. Knight says:

    Great track. Is it within the terms of the license to use for a Kickstarter video promoting a non-related project?

  14. Naomi says:

    Hi? Can I use this for my school project and scratch game?

    Kind regards,


  15. Adelekun Fisayo says:

    wow, this is amazing!

  16. Mars Wong says:

    Very nice!!! Can I use in making my personal Facebook and YouTube video? Many thanks.

  17. glaidtors says:

    Can I use this on a video game that free but i will ask for donation?

  18. Danimations says:

    It’s so good!! Can I use this for making my youtube video? Thanks anyways!

  19. BENJAMIN YAN says:

    May I use this in my little game of Scratch? It will only be used by myself.

  20. Vajahat Rao says:

    Kya baat he fantastic music

  21. kino says:

    Can I use this music for my game for a game contest?
    In the contest,winners are given some rewards.

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