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10 Responses

  1. tufan singh says:

    i really like this website it is awesome…
    we can download any types of sounds and use it any where..
    thanks a lot

  2. Theonas says:

    Ceci me permet de connaître les cris des oiseaux et des animaux, c’est delà que les chansons peuvent y parvenir. La joie nous amine d’aller dans la forêt. Merci !

  3. veerendra kothoju says:

    I really Thanks to this website for giving such a awesome sound effects.. Thank you so much

  4. Theo Gunawan says:

    thanks, good idee

  5. Heman Lawman says:

    New to this teach me more pls.

  6. vamshi says:

    good …for my work

  7. Kate says:

    Thanks a lot ! It’s so useful!!

  8. handoko says:

    Good job bro… thank you

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