Marimba – Thinking Music


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  1. Ami says:

    I love your site musics. I have newly started using YOUTUBE for commercial purpose. What i need to do if i want to use this music for my “commercial youtube videos”
    Do i just need to copy link of this site as source of music? Please help me here..


  2. Ami says:

    Hello Alexander,

    Sorry, i dont understand completely.

    Do you want my youtube link here or Do you want to update my video with this OFS link information?

    I think, i need to update my video with this ”” link..


  3. SamPotato says:

    If I use this in a YouTube video, can I just link you in the description?

  4. Games says:

    Hello, I wonder if I can use this nice sound in a game project that I have, and if I can market with my project?

  5. John says:

    Hello, I like your music very much. Are you the writer or perfomer of the music? Could I obtain your music in my company’s function?

  6. Miludeered says:

    Hello Alexander,
    l like this music very much!! , Can I use your music in my personal animation ?
    I’ll write your name and this page in the end of my animation! (;Θ∀Θ)

  7. Minjae says:

    Hello, I like this music! Can I use your music in my mobile application game? (In korea app store and play store)
    I’ll write your name and link of this page in my application and market.

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